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book5 TRANSafe House

This book is a must read for all women. You must learn to safe guard your heart, your marriage and your life. Cheryl Polote-Williamson covers this subject with such dignity and grace. She gives you insight and education on creating your Safe House. You will have a better understanding of the enemy of marriage. This book is one you will want to read over and over and certainly share with your friends, daughters, granddaughters, with every woman in your life!

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Words from the Spirit

Like an energy drink for the soul, Words from the Spirit for the Spirit is grounded in the principles of Scripture, fortified with practical insight for everyday life, including:

  • Spirit affirmations to speak over your life
  • Prayers of petition, dedication, thanksgiving and praise
  • Quotes to motivate and encourage readers—from homemakers to business people
  • And much more

Words from the Spirit for the Spirit is an inspirational, user-friendly book with nuggets of truth that can be mined on a lunch break, on the way to a job interview or as you prepare to face a new day.

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Soul Reborn

Surviving the most difficult circumstances and toughest times of her life, it was the still voice of the Holy Spirit each day that filled her soul with words, inspirations, and motivation to make it through each painful moment. Cheryl Polote- Williamson realized that it was only her faith that would carry her through. Cheryl shares her most intimate conversations with her family, friends, and most importantly the Lord in this inspirational, motivational, and transformational user- friendly book. This is the second edition of this beautiful book.

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 Shift On WhiteShift On

"Shift On: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph!" In “SHIFT ON: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph,” bestselling author Nikki Woods collaborates with 20 contributors who unleash soul-stirring inspirational biographical tales that are destined to touch lives. Autism, career transition, depression, betrayal, death, abuse, and chronic illness make way for survival, forgiveness, healing, rehabilitation, introspection, volunteerism, courage and healing. SHIFT ON, is Woods’ second anthology and she is already putting the plans together for a third. Her belief that sharing our truths is a powerful bridge to triumph has led to a message and movement thousands are embracing.

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As a child of the King, it is time for you to walk confidently in who you are! No longer allow life's tests and trials to cause your head to be bowed. Chin up, chest out! You are the righteousness of God! You are the head and not the tail! The enemy has used things and situations to try to destroy you, but guess what? He failed...miserably!!
Affirmed is your year long journey to rebuild and recharge your self worth! Get ready to leave insecurity and low self esteem behind, for good. Once you start on this journey, I promise that you will no longer look at yourself the same way! Affirmed will help you see yourself through God's eyes by providing you with encouraging quotes and scriptures for each day of this year! Start each day with Affirmed and watch the radical change that takes place in your life!

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Soul Talk


Soul Talk

20 Soul Stirring Stories of women that decided to let go and let God.

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Soul Bearer


Soul Bearer

9 Soul-Bearing conversations from men sharing their unspoken truths

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